Picture gallery

Antler and bone carving is one of the oldest historical crafts, and artistic feeling and imagination always prevail in every product.

In the picture gallery you will find examples of products - what can be made from natural materials. Every product is original and it is not for nothing that it is said that an artist puts his soul, a piece of his self into his product.

I leave the choice of motif to the customer's wish. By far it is not only hunting motifs, but also fishing motifs, animals from all over the world incl. Africa and America, tramp, cynological. The antlers can be combined with horn, wood or even with gradle, etc.  Trophy game can be carved with a specific e.g. rarity trophy or the products can be colour matched to the colour of the game - dog, wild boar, deer etc.

For more than 20 years I have produced hundreds of products with many motifs. My products are owned by many customers all over the world. Among them are VIPs - presidents and their wives, ambassadors, actors, sportsmen, etc.

With a number of carved motifs of various animals with 97 species I have entered the Czech Book of Records in Pelhřimov.